MBA Digital Technologies

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The MBA Digital Technologies is an application-oriented degree program that provides comprehensive specialist knowledge in economics and digital technology and is aimed at international talents with at least three years of professional experience. Graduates of this program will have a broad range of skills and knowledge of concepts, methods, techniques and procedures for the planning and application of digital technologies in a business context, the development and introduction of digital business models and the management of interdisciplinary teams in the context of digital transformation in companies. In particular, they will acquire key skills needed to take on senior management tasks and lead complex IT projects related to digital transformation in various industries.

The MBA program will enable the graduates to analyze and solve complex problems and assess complex ethical and legal issues in the context of digital systems and their application. During the course of your studies, you will be introduced virtually to our global partner institutions and companies. Digital transformation has seen explosive growth over the last decades, and senior professionals with the skills to work in highly digitalized environments are in high demand. Thus, the MBA program brings a deep understanding of the processes, skills, and knowledge needed to craft impactful digital enterprise systems and transformation experiences.

The groundbreaking program partners provide a breadth of theory, technologies, and interdisciplinary perspectives. We welcome students with a Bachelor degree from all disciplines and backgrounds – especially those interested in digitalization and digital technologies – and relevant professional experience in a digital environment of at least three years. We are specifically looking for people with ideas about how their unique perspective and diverse experiences can contribute to the successful digital transformation in companies of all industries.


Program Objectives

  • This MBA equips students with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in digital technologies such as cybersecurity and data analytics – and leadership principles – such as strategic management, entrepreneurial transformation, and decision-making.
  • It fosters creativity and innovation skills to develop new strategies, applications, and solutions and enables the students to drive and shape the digital transformation in their respective field of work.
  • It enables the students to take on senior management tasks and lead complex IT projects in connection with digital technologies.
  • The graduates will be able to set up companies, take on senior management positions in existing companies, and to competently and purposefully shape and manage the digital transformation in companies as a decision-maker.
  • The graduates will have a global understanding of relevant changes in digital transformation, can anticipate and evaluate them and provide key impetus for the strategic direction of companies.


Unique Features

  • Applicable across multiple industries: IT, business, consulting, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, media, and many more.
  • Prepares students for careers in industries that are affected by the digital transformation, including research, development, entrepreneurship and management.
  • Enables interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas between students across different disciplines.
  • Students work individually and in teams to conceptualize, research, plan and deliver a series of projects.
  • Develop critical evaluation, conceptual thinking and communication skills for diverse media and audiences.
  • Engage with external communities of researchers and attend professional events, festivals and masterclasses with industry practitioners. Refine their practice in a relevant, real-world context.

Why study this MBA?

  • Digital leaders and senior decision-makers are sought after in all parts of the world and in all industries.
  • An MBA in Digital Technology combines both sound IT and management competencies and provides a comprehensive education in emerging digital technologies, preparing graduates for successful careers in senior management in many different sectors.
  • The MBA opens doors to innovative work, entrepreneurial ventures, and positions graduates as leaders and decision-makers in the digital transformation of society.

Why German UDS?

  •  At the German UDS, the students combine theory and critical thinking with practical experimentation and application.
  • Throughout the years, the students learn from pioneering thought-leaders and work with internationally significant industry partners.
  • This collaboration allows the students to create innovative work in virtual and extended realities.
  • The German UDS provides an extensive online toolset that allows you to succeed with your studies.

Career Outlook

  • Graduates of the MBA in Digital Technology have unique and diverse career prospects in a rapidly growing field and in many different industries. The MBA prepares students to become leading experts in the field of digital technologies and actively shape the future of these.
  • They are expected to take up senior management and leadership positions, particularly in areas where digital technologies are used and digital transformation is supported.
  • Typical future positions of graduates could be change consultant, IT consultant, strategy consultant, transformation manager, senior staff in Tech departments, etc.
  • The focus on application also enables employees from almost all industries and sectors to understand and influence digital transformation in their respective fields. This explicitly includes graduates and professionals from various disciplines (e.g., education, medicine, humanities). Senior positions will allow them to lead the implementation of digital technologies and develop innovative strategies for employees, clients or companies.