M.Sc. Advanced Digital Reality

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The Master’s program Advanced Digital Reality is an innovative study program that teaches advanced knowledge and skills in the field of digital realities: With an interdisciplinary approach, the program combines technical know-how with creative application to enable students to solve complex problems in digital environments and develop innovative solutions. The program covers various aspects of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and related technologies and applications.


Program Objectives

  • This Master’s program equips students with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in digital technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), 3D modeling, and immersive environments.
  • It fosters creativity and innovation skills to develop new applications and solutions.
  • 3D modeling and animation: Advanced techniques for creating and animating 3D objects and characters for immersive experiences.
  • Immersive technologies: research and application of haptic feedback systems, multisensory integration and neurological aspects in digital realities.
  • Applications and industry specialization: adaptation of digital realities to specific industry requirements such as education, healthcare, gaming and architecture.
  • Research methods and practice: development of research projects and methods for conducting studies in digital realities.
  • Final project and Master’s thesis: Implementation of an independent final project in conjunction with the Master’s thesis (together 30 ECTS). Students choose to develop either a collaborative, creative project, or a research paper that examines an emerging topic in virtual, augmented or extended reality

Exemplary Study Program



Benefit from our large pool of electives and take the opportunity to specialize individually in your field of interest.

A special feature of our degree programs is the great freedom of choice. While students on each study program must take 50% of the elective modules from a specified subject area designed specifically for the individual study programs, the rest can be chosen freely from the entire electives pool.

Unique Features

  • Applicable across multiple industries: medicine, business, entertainment, architecture, journalism and more.
  • The German UDS has several immersive lab spaces dedicated to AR, VR, and XR research and design.
  • Prepares students for careers in industries that utilize digital realities, including research, development, entrepreneurship and management.
  • Enables interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of ideas between students across different disciplines.
  • Students work individually and in teams to conceptualize, research, plan and deliver a series of creative projects.
  • Develop critical evaluation, conceptual thinking and communication skills for diverse media and audiences
  • Engage with external communities of researchers and attend professional events, festivals and masterclasses with industry practitioners. Refine their practice in a relevant, real-world context.

Why study this Master program?

  • Digital Realities is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
  • A Master’s in Advanced Digital Reality provides a comprehensive education in emerging digital technologies, preparing graduates for successful careers in various sectors.
  • The Master’s degree opens doors to innovative work, entrepreneurial ventures, and positions graduates as leaders in the digital transformation of society.

Why German UDS?

  • At the German UDS, the students combine theory and critical thinking with practical experimentation.
  • Throughout the years, the students learn from pioneering thought-leaders and work with internationally significant industry partners.
  • This collaboration allows the students to create innovative work in virtual and extended realities.
  • The German UDS provides an extensive online toolset that allows you to succeed with your studies.

Career Outlook

  • Graduates of the Advanced Digital Reality Master’s program have unique and diverse career prospects in a rapidly growing field. The Master’s program prepares students to become leading experts in the field of digital realities and actively shape the future of these technologies.
  • From the entertainment industry and educational institutions to healthcare and architecture, graduates can take up positions as VR developers, AR designers, mixed reality specialists or UX/UI designers for digital realities. They can develop innovative technologies, design immersive experiences, optimize user interactions and explore new areas of application.
  • In addition, graduates have various opportunities in research and development, where they can pursue a career at the forefront of new technologies and help push the boundaries of digital realities. Project management positions allow them to lead the implementation of VR, AR or MR projects and develop innovative solutions for clients or companies.
  • 33% Compounded annual digital reality market growth expected from 2022 through 2030 (
  • 23 Million Jobs projected to be enhanced by digital reality technology by 2030 (