We are delighted to announce the launch of our “Scientific Reports” Series at the German University of Digital Science. This new publication series is dedicated to the swift dissemination of the latest research outcomes produced by our university’s vibrant academic community.

Designed to be released at irregular intervals, the Scientific Report Series allows us to document and share groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in digital science as they happen. This initiative reflects our commitment to rapid knowledge exchange and ongoing academic documentation.

The first reports in the series are now available for download. These inaugural reports showcase the innovative work of our researchers and provide insights into the cutting-edge projects underway at our university.
Stay updated on future publications that continue to push the boundaries of Digital Science.

Scientific Report 1: Vision of a University of the Digital Tomorrow – The German University of Digital Science

Profs. Drs. Mike Friedrichsen & Christoph Meinel, March 31, 2024

Scientific Report 2: Innovative Formats for Online Teaching

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Dr. Thomas Staubitz & Daniel Köhler, March 31, 2024