Frequently Asked Questions

German UDS Academy

The German UDS Academy is the online learning platform of the German University of Digital
Science (German UDS) in Potsdam. The German UDS Academy builds on the experience that
its team has gained while creating, operating, offering courses, and conducting research on the
Hasso Plattner Institute’s openHPI learning platform. The German UDS Academy is not the
successor of the openHPI platform but picks up certain ideas that have been started there.
The English language courses on IT topics, digitalization, and innovation and Design Thinking
are created by professors, lecturers, and researchers at the German UDS.

Most courses at the German UDS Academy have a fixed start and end date and follow a weekly
rhythm. All course material for a week, i.e. learning videos, self-tests, homework, and reading
material, is unlocked at the beginning of a course week (usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays). The
course materials and self-tests can then be worked on flexibly during the course week according
to your time budget and repeated as often as you like. You can access the individual courses
from the course list or your dashboard.
However, there are deadlines for evaluated weekly homework as well as for the final examination
which must be met. Usually, the deadline for the homework and the final exam is one week. For
homework and the final exam, you have only one attempt each. Programming tasks can be
worked on and evaluated until the end of the course. The deadlines cannot be extended
individually, as the results of the homework and final exam will be published shortly after the
deadline and the assignments can be discussed in the forum afterward.
At the end of the course, the course content is available for self-study without evaluated tasks
(homework and final exam). Potential programming tasks in courses can be done and evaluated,
but the results cannot be transferred back to the German UDS Academy to earn credits.

There are no formal admission restrictions. All you need for registration is a valid e-mail address.

Most courses at the German UDS Academy are free of charge. Exceptions are courses offering
micro-credentials and micro-degrees.

To participate in an German UDS Academy course, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are
younger than 16, you need the written consent of your parents.

Participation in a course on the German UDS Academy is completely web-based. We
recommend that you update your browser and operating system to the latest version. The
installation of additional software on your system is usually not necessary. Should a particular
course require it, the course will explicitly point this out. To play the course videos, you should
have a fast internet access.

My German UDS Academy account

To register at the German UDS Academy, please go to the following  Link . Enter your e-mail
address and a password of your choice. Confirm the link in the confirmation email to complete
the registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check first that it has not
ended up in your spam folder. If your account is already confirmed but you cannot log in, please
make sure that you have JavaScript enabled and accept cookies from our site. If it still does not
work, please use the “Forgot Password”  function.

It may occasionally take some time for the confirmation email to arrive. Please also check your
spam folder. If you have not received a confirmation email after three hours, please contact
the Helpdesk.

You can reset your password using the  “Forgot Password” function. Please enter the email
address you used for registration. After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail at this
address. This e-mail contains a link that will take you to the actual password reset function. After
a click in the mail, you only have to enter and confirm your new password and you can log in

You can change your password in your  Account.

You can change your e-mail address in your Account.

The German UDS is subject to the Federal Data Protection Act, as the servers on which user
data is stored are located in Germany. No personal data will be passed on to third parties. Only
pseudonymized data is used to improve the platform and for evaluation for scientific purposes.
Further information on data protection at the German UDS can be found here.


The most important element of the learning platform are the courses. Courses are divided into sections. Sections contain subsection, which contain several learning units. Such learning units include not only knowledge-transferring videos and texts but also interactive elements and tests such as quizzes and hands-on tasks.

The List of Courses offers the user an overview of the courses offered. You’ll find your courses on the learner dashboard.

At the current moment, the courses are offered in English language only.

We have several different self-paced and instructor-paced course formats at the German UDS Academy. For the self-paced courses, there’s no particular time limit. You can work through the videos, texts and quizzes at your own pace, whenever you want. The instructor-paced courses, generally, are either 2, 4 or 6 weeks long. Often there is an extra week added to complete the final exam. Some courses can contain peer assessments, which often require some extra time after the actual course has ended. The time frame that is displayed on the course details page, generally, is the actual course period without the additional time offered for exams, or peer assessments. In the instructor paced courses, you can also watch the learning material whenever you want. However, there will be deadlines for exams and assignments, which have to be met to receive a certificate. Furthermore, the discussion forum within these courses is only attended by the teaching team and open for posting, during the active course period.

Depending on your previous knowledge, you should plan about 5-6 hours per week for your studies. The estimated time includes the study materials and self-tests. Also, each week a graded homework assignment with a 60-minute time limit is scheduled. The processing time of the final exam is 120 minutes. The workload of a regular 6-week course corresponds to 2 ECTS points.

The times at the German UDS Academy are given year-round in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You can here find your time zone relative to UTC here.

The deadlines for evaluated assignments cannot be extended individually, as the results of the assignments will be published for the other participants shortly after the deadline and the assignments may be discussed in the forum afterward. If you did not participate in the task, you will not be able to access the questions (for example for practice purposes). The design of our courses, however, often allows you to complete a course with a confirmation of participation even if you missed some of the exams. You always can complete a course without a confirmation of participation.

You can register for a course at the German UDS Academy at any time. If you join during the first week of the course, you can still complete all the graded assignments. If you join later, it will become more and more difficult to achieve the required number of points for the confirmation of participation.

You can withdraw from a course at the German UDS Academy at any time. You can unsubscribe from a course by clicking on the button “Unenroll” in the course tile on the learner dashboard. You can also remain enrolled in the course and continue the course at a later date in self-study. It is also possible to re-enroll in the course. Your progress in the course will then be restored.

You can participate in the course according to your interests and possibilities. There is no obligation to do the homework and strive for a confirmation of participation or micro-credential. We are happy about every active participation in forum discussions.

After the end of a course, the course content remains available in archive mode. New participants can register for self-study at any time. However, evaluated tasks with deadlines can no longer be processed, and therefore a record of achievement or a certificate can no longer be obtained. You can only receive a confirmation of participation for successful course participation. The forum will be closed after the end of the course and is only available in read-only mode.

The forum is an important part of the learning experience at the German UDS Academy. Active participation is crucial to your learning success, as it allows you to reflect on course topics, ask (and answer) open questions or discuss with other participants and the instructor. Information about the specific functioning of the forum and the forum rules can be found here.

A peer assessment is a form of a task in which participants evaluate each other. A peer assessment is used when an automatic evaluation for a specific question would be difficult or when it actively supports the learning process to reflect on and evaluate the solutions proposed by other course participants. The task can either be completed alone or in teamwork (Team Peer Assessment). More information is available here.

Evaluations and performance records

Self-tests are short, quizzes for formative assessment that directly follow a video or text. The purpose of the self-tests is to self-assess your understanding of the knowledge you have just acquired. These do not count for the confirmation of participation and you can repeat them as often as you want to. Homework and the final exam, on the other hand, are summative assessments that have to be completed by a specific (usually weekly) deadline and are required in order to earn a record of confirmation of participation.

In multiple-choice tasks, there is exactly one correct answer. If this is selected correctly, the participant receives the specified number of points for the task. If the wrong answer is clicked, the participant receives 0 points for this task. In the case of multiple-answer tasks, the points achieved for partially correct solutions are calculated in the following way: The maximum number of points is divided by the number of correct alternatives. This value is used as a base. For each correct alternative that was correctly selected, the base value is awarded. If you select a wrong answer, you will not receive any points.

The maximum number of points that can be achieved in the course is made up of the points from the homework and the points from the final exam. Everyone who achieves at least 60% of the total score will receive a confirmation of participation at the end of the course.

The certificates (Confirmation of Participation, Micro-Credentials, and Micro-Degrees) are usually released one or two weeks after the end of the course.