Student Benefits

Studying at the German UDS comes with a variety of benefits. See the details listed below:



MS 365

You have free access to an MS 365 account, which provides you with free access to the MS Office Suite and MS Teams. Furthermore, this account will also provide you with a central ID, via your German UDS student email address. This central ID will provide you access to all our online tools and content.


Overleaf is a collaborative online LaTeX editor. You will get free access to the pro features with your German UDS student address. We also provide templates for your homework and theses.


In addition to your MS 365 and MS Teams account, you will also have access to zoom’s pro-features to collaborate and communicate with your fellow students and friends.


TurnitIn is a high class plagiarism checker. You will have free access to check your own work for unwanted plagiarisms before handing it in.


With your student status at the German UDS you will get free access to Miro.com to collaboratively create any kind of diagrams.


With your student status at the German UDS you will get free access to Github.com to version control your software projects, etc.

Open edX

To deliver our study programs, we run our own optimized instance of the Open edX platform. One of the world’s leading scalable, open source learning management systems. Open edX was developed as a joint effort between Harvard University and MIT. You have free access to all the learning material, which is part of your study program. Generally, you can also select many modules of the other as electives in your program.

Full Fabric

Our easy-to-use application and campus management system renders your registration and payment process as simple as possible. Once you’re registered, it supports you to easily select your modules and create your schedule.


Exams are proctored with a state-of-the-art AI-supported online-proctoring tool.

Further tools

We furthermore provide you with a variety of online tools to support your learning process. Examples are CodeOcean and JupyterHub as online coding tools or EvaP to allow you to provide feedback and grade your teachers.

Why German UDS?

  • At the German UDS, the students combine theory and critical thinking with practical experimentation.
  • Throughout the years, the students learn from pioneering thought-leaders and work with internationally significant industry partners.
  • This collaboration allows the students to create innovative work in virtual and extended realities.