The “Campus to Cyber” podcast is the digital window to the German University of Digital Science. In a world where education and technology are inevitably merging, this innovative podcast sheds light on the dynamic field of digital science and opens the doors to a campus that knows no boundaries.

Why “Campus to Cyber”? Because the future of education is digital. This podcast is the gateway to the latest developments, debates, and discoveries at the heart of digital transformation.

Under the expert moderation of Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen, one of the university’s founders, we dive deep into the world of digital science. With his passion and expertise, the presenter leads us through 10 to 20 minutes of in-depth conversations that both quench the thirst for knowledge and encourage participation in the digital discourse. Each episode of “Campus to Cyber” offers a unique content benefit: from insights into the development of a new university to information on current research results and discussions on fundamental questions of digitality. The variety of topics and the flexible format guarantee that everyone will find what they are looking for – whether students, academics, experts, or simply digital enthusiasts. The podcast’s target audience is anyone at the interface of education and digital innovation.

With regular episodes every two weeks and a varying cast – sometimes one guest, sometimes two – “Campus to Cyber” always remains fresh, informative, and engaging. Each episode has a catchy title that not only arouses curiosity but also facilitates dissemination in all communication channels of the German University of Digital Science. Teaser text: Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of digital science.

Discover, learn, and discuss with us. “Campus to Cyber” is more than a podcast – it is your window to a world without borders. Welcome to the intersection of knowledge, technology, and community.


Vision of a University of the Digital Tomorrow

Pilot episode: Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel



Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Episode 2: Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen and Prof. Dr. Raul Rojas