Digital 4 Security

We are proud to be part of Digital4Security, a four-year project co-funded by the European Union aiming at upskilling and reskilling professionals, managers, and business leaders but also graduates from different fields to become ‘cyber confident’ by developing a pioneering joint master’s degree in “Cybersecurity Management and Data Sovereignty”.


The program will be offered fully online, carried out jointly by several universities from different European countries. It will provide students with an officially recognized academic accreditation by an authorized European agency, industry certification and micro-credentials, and offers work-based learning, employability and mobility programs. One of the unique features of the program is that it merges academia and industry, as it is co-created with companies across Europe that have identified the different needs and skills gaps in European businesses, in particular SMEs.


The consortium consists of universities, companies, training and recruitment centers, and marketing agencies that are united by a shared vision to create a collective response to the biggest challenge of the digital age.

Our role in Digital4Security is creating a single centralized platform capable of delivering all processes, insights, content, and tools. The goal is to provide a modern digital venue for deliberate academic collaboration. This lowers the barriers for everyone who wants to participate in a pan European master’s program without being bound to a specific place. No matter what kind of personal digital device one uses, connection and access should be available with just one click.



This way, every stakeholder will experience compatibility and adaptability to the respective needs for their teaching, communication and collaboration. The advanced technical basis that relies on cloud technology will have a high degree of automation, which aims at keeping the administrative effort as low as possible. This is what the German UDS contributes to the consortium – the vision and creativity of an educational lighthouse which joined the game of higher education to help change it.