We are excited to announce the official opening of the CloudHouse headquarters, the central hub for managing the Digital University of the German UDS and distributing our courses globally. This milestone marks the launch phase of the German UDS, promising to introduce innovative ideas and new forms of teaching, learning, and examination.

Event Recap

The opening events featured various experience islands such as the Education Metaverse, and the learning platform of the German UDS Academy. Attendees had the opportunity to explore our unique furniture and lighting concept, engage with digital enthusiasts, and network in the virtual space.

Highlights included:

  • Immersive experiences with cutting-edge technologies like robotics and augmented reality
  • Networking opportunities with actors, digital enthusiasts, and peers
  • An open barbecue with delicious food and drinks
  • A live broadcast of the European Football Championship

We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. Stay tuned for a video recap, which will provide insights for those who couldn’t attend. We look forward to future collaborations and more opportunities to innovate and grow together.

Moments from the CloudHouse Opening

Stay tuned for more exciting events at the German UDS!