The German UDS Education Metaverse

It represents an innovative approach to the educational experience and serves as the basis for the final stage of expansion: the fusion with VR technologies. This development enables students to receive a more immersive learning experience through appropriate equipment and is designed to completely isolate students from their real-life environment. The conception is divided into two phases: first, an initial structure of the Education Metaverse itself is developed, which provides a digital representation of the university premises and creates basic interaction possibilities. Subsequently, the concept of a VR metaverse will be developed. This should enable deeper immersion and further expand the interaction and functionality of the premises.



The metaverse would offer a more comprehensive user experience and could open up new didactic and functional possibilities that go beyond the two-dimensional limitations of a browser. This innovative university concept aims to enable future-oriented and sensory education by creating a fully digital educational offer that is accessible worldwide. Embedded in this project is the newly designed Master Advanced Digital Reality, which is specifically dedicated to the research and application of digital realities. By directly integrating suggestions for improvement in terms of spaces and their function, this Master’s further optimizes the educational offer and ensures that students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience that directly feeds into the development and design of the virtual university.

The virtual university, which not only offers flexible accessibility and global reach, but also optimizes the educational offer by collaborating with renowned companies and using their know-how, is thus becoming an essential part of the education system. It serves not only as a knowledge center, but also as an incubator for innovation in the field of digital technologies, making a significant contribution to social and technological development.