Tuition Fees

The German UDS’ pricing model is quite simple. Whether you’re studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA program, the annual tuition fees are € 7.500. The MBA is a one-year program, the total tuition fee is also € 7.500. The Master’s is a two-year program, therefore, the total price is € 15.000, and the Bachelor’s as a three-year program is € 22.500.

See also the following table:


Annual Fee



MBA € 7.500 1 year € 7.500
Master € 7.500 2 years € 15.000
Bachelor € 7.500 3 years € 22.500

All tuition fees have to be paid annually.

Once you have paid the tuition fee, you have three years to complete the modules you have paid for.

Example 1:

You’re starting in October 2024 with a one-year MBA. You have to finish your studies no later than October 2027.

Example 2:

You’re starting in October 2024 with a two-year Masters. You have to finish the modules you’ve booked for your first year no later than October 2027. You have to finish the modules you’ve booked for the second year and all other required modules to complete the necessary amount of ECTS points no later than October 2028.

Repeating failed courses:

If you have failed a module, you can repeat it as soon as it is available again. Generally all modules are available every second quarter.

We are offering a redemption points system that allows you to repeat a certain amount of modules several times.

If you’re in a 60 ECTS MBA program, you will receive 90 redemption points. Each time you enroll for a module, we will deduct as many redemption points from your account as the module delivers ECTS credits.

If you pass every module on your first attempt, you will have an amount of 30 redemption points left at the end of your study.

Basically, this system allows you to repeat half of the required modules once. In theory, you could also repeat one of the modules about seven times, passing all other modules the first time. However, after you have failed a module for the third time, you will have to contact the registrar’s office or the professor who is offering the module to discuss the further process.

For further questions, please reach out to us at office@german-uds.de